When and how are we useful?

In emergency situations

Elimination of emergency situations is not our priority activity, but we never leave out customers behind! …

When repairing apartments, offices or homes

  If you’ve decided to replace an electrical wiring, or phone system, or security system cabling – we are willing to assist! If you build a new house where new electric wiring or low voltage network is required – we shall design and integrate a system!...
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For customers

Should you need a wiring project for a new store or office and then the installation of electrical equipment; should you need a telephone and computer network, fire and security alarm systems – we shall do all these from designing to... читать дальше

For Prime Contractors

We are happy to carry out the work under the subcontract, ensuring the deadlines and budgets. At the same time we are ready to work on two major and several... читать дальше


If voltage fluctuation, inflammation or, the most frequent and rather unpleasant, power outage, cause damage of equipment in your premises (home or office) and you suffer serious losses, you should think of a new wiring... читать дальше

Low voltage cabling network

Low-voltage cabling network - is the nervous system of a house or office, because it includes a telephone network, local and computer networks, security and fire alarm systems, warning systems and many more... читать дальше 


Possibility to offer both design and installation of a new electrical network gives our customers significant benefits... читать дальше



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Объекты компании RAJS электромонтаж
Low voltage cabling network
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Par mūsu darbu – fotogrāfijas un atsauksmes