Low voltage networks


Low-voltage network is called the nervous system of your home or company, because they include a telephone network, local and computer networks, security and fire alarm systems, alarm systems, paid alarm systems, CCTV, intercoms and access control systems.


The purpose of low-voltage networks is to provide communication inside home or business premises with the external environment and also to guarantee the safety of the premises in case of emergency. Nowadays, however, these features are simply a must. Large companies require reliability at the first place, but visually wiring should not spoil the appearance of the premises. Who would like to have wires hanging on the walls or cables on which you stumble on the floor? The third important requirement - is the economic profitability of investments into a new low voltage network. If these investments are reasonable, it is great! Once you invest into a new effective network you forget that the expenses for low voltage networks exist at all.

For this purpose, various ways of laying the cable are used:

• Underground - underground utility lines, existing or new;

• Air - using the power transmission towers, or transfer of the cable between the neighbouring houses;

• Open - when damage is not threatening to the network

• Closed - in special trays.

The best solution for houses and offices are special trays or channels. However, they must be installed considering existing electrical and other networks and power switchboards. Trays should be placed not lower than 2.3 m below the floor and 5 mm to the ceiling. All must be properly grounded! Certainly, the best time to do these works is renovation or reconstruction, so that further on you would not have to break the floor and crush the finishing of walls and floor.

This is the example of only one important thing to know and remember, but there are very many of them in this field.

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Low voltage cabling network
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