Electric Installation Works

RAJS Ltd provide electric installations from 0.4 to 20 Kv.

You may ask: “How to determine whether I need a new electric network or not?”

If voltage fluctuation, inflammation or, the most frequent and rather unpleasant, power outage, causes damage of equipment in your premises (home or office) and you suffer serious losses, you should think of a new wiring. Autonomous power supply system reduces losses, yet you could rarely find it in offices and almost never in private houses. Inflammation risk is reduced by automatic recognition systems. In this case you suffer minor losses, like unsaved data files, or server crash, data base damage or interruptions of connectivity during the important negotiations. However, if automatic system does not recognise the signal, you risk nothing less but fire. Such a perspective is unlikely desirable.



There are several possible reasons for that: short circuit or overload on the network, when power consumption exceeds the allowable wiring value. Most of the buildings today have wiring according to the soviet standards when cabling was aluminium, isolation obsolete, but consumers of electricity were significantly less.


So how to protect yourself?

In such cases it is necessary to change all the wiring, and sometimes it is even worth starting with a design of a new electrical wiring network.

Following our agreement we will fulfil either separate required works or full wiring of offices providing your personnel with electric light, sockets, telephone and Internet connection in the shortest terms.


However, lighting, sockets, etc. are located, literally speaking, on the surface, but the basis of the successful electric wiring are rough works, which are usually done before the painting and plastering, and after the re-planning.

• grooving of walls and ceilings;

• Lining of cables and wires;

• Installation of junction boxes;

• Installation of mounting boxes;

• Installation of switchboards, the installation of electricity, installation of machines and the RCD;

• Installation of low voltage networks;

• Installation of bonding and grounding protection systems


After repair and finishing works are completed, we do decorative works:

• Installation of lighting lamps;

• Installation of electrical outlets and switches;

• Installation of electric bells, connection sockets;

• Installation of motion sensors, system control switches etc.

• Network connection: routers, modems, switches, and other various networks

• Connection of household appliances


RAJS Ltd performs all these works effectively from the designing to implementation of all finishing works.

The result of our service is very RELIABLE, we have virtually no complaints from our customers and willing to guarantee excellent operation of our electrical systems for a year after their installation.

It is EASY to work with us: you invite us and explain the problems, we do the rest – should you need a full wiring solution for a new premise we develop a project; should you need any specific service – we are also at your service! In any case, you will not worry about materials and components, about tools and equipment, about our personnel qualification and organisation of installation works – we do it ourselves.

We guarantee the long term exploitation of our systems and we think that is the reason why you shall certainly call us again!

We working at the market price, but as opposed to our competitors, we are better organised and provide highest quality of work. We always meet the agreed deadlines – take a look at the reviews.




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