Planned works in apartments, offices and homes.

You have decided to renovate your house, apartments or office (either private or business). We are happy for you!



One of the stages of our work is an installation of electrical wiring and low voltage networks (telephone, computer, security and fire alarm systems, etc.) considering modern trends. It means that with a constantly increasing variety of electrical equipment we can also increase the power capacity. We pay attention to the aesthetics: the appearance of an apartment, home or office with the newly completed repairs should not be spoiled by a view of wrong wiring, or cabling loops hanging for the ceiling, or laying on the floor.

You confront the same problems when you not just renovate your premises, but plan to build a completely new one. The tasks are even more important: requirements are stricter, plus you need a newly designed and approved project, you need to have enough power capacity for further installation. You can solve all these tasks separately. You can call an appropriate provider in your area – telephone and computer network providers, provider of security and other systems, etc. Additionally you will have to involve designers.

However, you should be ready to confront different opinions and offers that would not meet the requirements of each other. You could also suffer from the endless argues between theorists (designers) and practitioners (workers), which as a result will cause extra costs for additional estimates and other expenses that were not initially planned to be invested.


We suggest turning to us!

We are  EFFICIENT, because we closely collaborate with designers. Together we create and implement projects of any complexity.

We are RELIABLE and guarantee the perfect operation of installed systems during a year after all works are completed.

It is CONVENIET to work with us, because apart from the major installation, we provide extra services in the frames of estimation, which would reassure the long term work of the system without interruptions.

It is BENEFICIAL to work with us. We are responsible for estimation we provide. 5% amount deviations from the initial estimation is not sufficient for us. We do not even inform the customer about it. We make revision of estimation only when significant changes to the initial project are required which are, definitely, mutually agreed with the customer.

It is EASY to work with us – just call us and we shall do the rest! We design a project and schedule, we provide materials and components, we select and deliver all tools and equipment we guarantee the high qualification of our personnel.

We are sure, you will be completely satisfied with the results of our cooperation, because our installed systems will work flawlessly for a long time. You won’t notice these complex networks. You will just use the benefits of electricity, telephone and computer networks, security and fire alarms and the rest things that make our life comfortable

We work at the market price, although our services sometimes get higher evaluation. We are very organised and always maintain cleanliness where we work.

We meet the deadlines agreed upon in the contracts in 100% cases.

We are sure, if you collaborated with us once, you would definitely turn to us next time on other occasions. Moreover, you will recommend our services to other people.

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Объекты компании RAJS электромонтаж
Low voltage cabling network
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